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1883 - 1972

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               Polytechnic Alumni Association


The Polytechnic Alumni Association  2020 luncheon

 The Polytechnic Alumni Association board of directors deeply regrets canceling this year's luncheon scheduled for September 12, 2020.  It is a huge disappointment for all of us but for health & safety considerations we were unanimous at yesterday's board meeting. The majority of PAA members are senior citizens and even if our event were to be held social distancing would prohibit the usual camaraderie.  We will see you again next year and in the meantime please keep that Polytechnic High School spirit going strong!

Francie Simonson

Polytechnic Alumni Association 

Polytechnic Alumni 
               Association Store

From Jeannette Butler ...
Hi everyone, I've been working hard setting up an online store for our Polytechnic Alumni Association...I'm still in the testing phase, but here is the link to purchase the Poly Pin (Photo of the Poly Pin is to the right of the Alumni Assoc. logo above). The pin is $10 with a $2 shipping charge. Please make sure you enter your name, address, phone number, and email address at the checkout. It will take about 1 week for me to get your pin shipped to you. If you don't receive your pin let me know immediately. I'm still testing the store, so if you run into problems let me know.

CLICK ON THIS LINK BELOW and make your purchase. I will be at the Haight-Ashbury Reunion on May 21st selling more pins, with information on the Alumni Luncheon and Poly Alumni Assoc. membership .... enjoy.

                              Polytechnic Alumni Association Store

PAA Membership Application

From Sal Priolo, Spring 195

 The Polytechnic Alumni Association was formed in 2015 to keep alive the indomitable spirit of Polytechnic High School of San Francisco and is a non-profit organization (ideally an 501c3.) In addition to the annual luncheon for all Poly alumni, teachers & others interested, we also plan on developing a financial structure which will provide for scholarships for deserving youth. We are also planning to revive the name Polytechnic somewhere within the San Francisco Unified School District.

At each annual luncheon, we plan on honoring a particular decade in the long history of Polytechnic by way of guest speakers, famed alumni, athletes, entertainers, etc. from that decade. We also plan on scheduling fundraisers, raffles & other events throughout the year to enhance our success in fundraising for scholarships & other worthy community causes. We also plan to communicate with members of our association by developing a periodic newsletter concerning interesting alumni facts & memorabilia.

We are all dedicated to the great task before us. With your help we stand committed  to achieving these goals.

We invite all Polytechnic alumni to join us in this endeavor. We hope you will strongly consider our call to join our organization to help make the Polytechnic name live forever in San Francisco!

 Yearly membership = $25

 Contact the Association at:

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