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1894 - 1972

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  The Polytechnic Alumni Association Store
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Polytechnic Alumni Association
                               3rd Annual Luncheon

                    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

                            Tickets will go on sale soon
(We will post the ticket form as soon as we get it)

                           Luncheon will be held at the
                        Patio Espanol in San Francisco

                             (Please do not call venue for information.
               Post your questions or concerns on the POLY Facebook page.)


POLY History 101 in "Links" Tab
           "Polytechnic High School/Parkview Commons 
                       Site Development History 1989 ...
                       "SHARING A COMMUNITY"

   The history of how Poly became the Parkview  Commons    Housing Development ... For you Poly history buffs, this is
"The rest of the story"


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    VOL 18-01 Contains the story "The Rise of Polytechnic"
    VOL 18-02 Contains the story "The Fall of Polytechnic"

 We are ALWAYS looking for stories, photos, articles thoughts, memories, etc.,
   for the newsletter. All we ask is that whatever you send be about Poly, Poly
   classmates and activities (old and new) or San Francisco ... just look at the
          newsletters already posted and use them as a guide ... THANKS

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"Links" tab ...

   1904/05 Polytechnic Catalogue of Courses
     Our thanks to Cathy Compagno for this wonderful bit of Poly History ...
                    Look under the "Polytechnic-History 101" Section

   San Francisco 1955 Travel Documentary ***
San Francisco Map/Photos ... 1850 - 2000 **
                        For all of you who grew up in and around the City.

                            History of Golden Gate Park
                      Web sites about the Park history (A Google Search)

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           registration forms/contacts for upcoming POLY 
                reunions and other associated POLY events.

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                           "HAIL POLY" ... the Polytechnic High School Web site
                           Class Reunions and their contacts
                           POLY Entertainers
                           POLY Grads owned/operated businesses
                           Links to other San Francisco high school web sites
                           "Good Ole Days" ... web sites that look back at our times
                           Polytechnic History 101


Things Remembered
Things Remembered